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Addresses are part of our everyday lives: they pinpoint where we live, work and visit and connect us to local communities and services we rely on. Open Addresses makes locating, entering and accessing addresses simpler and better.

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Everyone who uses Open Addresses will benefit from every address donation. Collaborate with us and together we can create better address data that everyone can use.

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There should be no barriers to accessing vital national data such as the list of UK addresses. Try Open Addresses within your organisation and begin the journey of using and publishing open data.

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Case study

Addressing political issues

Something New is a political party who face a challenge faced by many organisations: hundreds of emails from a variety of people each interested in different issues. Some issues were national; some issues were local - for example an issue with the nearby hospital; some were hyperlocal - for example concerns over a local park.

To help them process this flood of information, they used Open Addresses’ services to automatically parse and locate addresses in incoming emails. Open Addresses makes this simple to do with services that can interpret the variety of formats that people use when writing their home address in an email and turn the data into meaningful information.

Open Addresses allows Something New to more easily understand where issues are being raised from and provide a tailored response. It helps Something New engage more voters and it helps the voters get their voices heard.


Free-format address input

Make a website more accessible with our simple address entry service that is suitable for all users, from those with high digital skills to those with less confidence.

Type-ahead address input

Make user journeys faster and increase the order completion rate on websites targetted at more tech-savvy users.

Locate Addresses

Find out where addresses are located by looking up the latitude and longitude for a postcode.

Address Parsing

Turn unstructured addresses into useful information to help you make faster, automated decisions such as address matching.

New Service Creation

Create innovative services with the use of our unique, persistent URLs for every town, postcode and address.

Data Enrichment

Download high-quality, well-structured address data in bulk to enrich other data sources.

Is Something Missing?

Our platform and APIs can support many needs. Get in touch to discuss your particular address challenges and discover if we can help.


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British Computer Society, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT sponsors the UK’s first open address list

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